What is Federalism?

American Federalism

Federalism is a sharing of power. American Federalism is the unique brand of federalism incorporated and enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. Power is shared between the central government designed by the States and the States themselves. The States have given the federal or central government specific powers.

They listed these specific powers in the U.S. Constitution. And, in that same Constitution, they limited the federal government to just those powers – no more and no less. All other powers were retained in the States. The delegation of power was from the States to the central government, not the other way around. Nothing in the Constitution (no amendments) have changed the intended relationship. Nothing in the agreement between the States empowers the federal government to the extremes of power we see today.

An understanding of federalism is important if we do not want the culture of California forced upon the people of Kansas. If we do not want the culture of the people of Oregon forced upon the people of Georgia. We can respect the culture of California. Will they respect ours?

The restoration of American federalism is the only course to restoring our Republic.

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