It is incredibly important to understand as you discuss things with other normal people that they aren't communist sympathizers, left-wing lunatics, or lying psychopaths. The person you are talking to firmly knows in their mind that it is a truth, a solemn fact, a proven thesis that Joe Biden did not use his position to get the Ukrainian prosecutor fired and that Donald Trump did collude with Putin to win the election.

How can this happen?

Well, if you haven't had a chance yet, watch last Sunday's (Oct 25, 2020) edition of "60 Minutes." President Trump confronted Leslie Stahl with the proven, irrefutable, documented by their own people and paper trail fact that his political opponents had used the money and power of the federal government to spy on him and his campaign. Now, this is a truth. It's as much a truth as "if an apple disconnects from its tree it will fall to the ground rather than float into space." The President went on to note that the news media still does not carry these stories about this deep corruption within the deepest parts of our deep government.

Leslie Stahl replied to the President that we all know that his original assertion (the actual act of spying) was untrue. She repeated this three times. Then, she went on to answer his second allegation (that the media refused to cover the irrefutable proof of the truth of the spying scandal) by suggesting that "This is 60 Minutes. We have to verify something before we can report it." She is, of course, implying that this is unverified.

See how she did that? She used her position, the position of "60 Minutes", and the position of CBS news in the minds of these people to promulgate the lie (I use the word lie because Leslie Stahl knows it is a lie) that the assertions of spying on the Trump camp are untrue, and that the thousands of pages of irrefutable proof that it is true are somehow unverified. A million or more people left their TV screens that night believing those two lies to be truth.

Then, while the left hand is obfuscating that story, the right hand is working hard on preventing people from seeing the proven, irrefutable, documented by their own people and paper trail fact that Joe, Jim, and Hunter Biden made deals with the governments of Communist China, corrupt Ukrainian oil firms, and Moscow politicians to sell favored insider connections (called "introductions") right into the core of the White House and State Department of the United States of America. These are facts. They are truths. They are as true as 2+2=4.

Yet, not a word on the news, not a word in the papers, and Facebook and Twitter actively blocking any mention by any person of any of these truths.

What's any of this got to do with the opening thesis of this blog?

Understand that, for over a hundred million voting Americans, including most likely the one you are standing there talking to, every bit of their world view is filtered through the funnel described in the above paragraphs. Every. bit.

And, understand that for this person, this funnel not only controls what they know for a fact about Biden and Trump; it controls what they know for a fact about climate change, about racial justice, about gender identity, about COVID, about everything. If this person truly "loves America", they absolutely must vote out Donald Trump. They don't know any better.

You have a major task before you.

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